Board of Directors

Enrique Hasbún
Business Administration Engineer, Finis Terrae University

Entrepreneur with presence in several economic sectors, in information technologies, business intelligence, real estate and venture capital. He is president of Rakiduam and director of TrendsAméricas, Inmobiliaria 100 and Casa Hotels.

Alex Seelenberger
President, MBA Harvard University

Partner and Director at Aurus Capital, main responsible for the venture capital area focused on the life science sector. He worked at Athelera LLC, a mergers and acquisition firm based in New York, and at The Boston Consulting Group, focusing primarily on the pharmaceutical and financial services industries in Latin America.

Catalina Del Río
Business Engineer Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Entrepreneur, Financial Manager at INDER Group

Jorge Selume
M.Sc Chicago university

Economist, academic and entrepreneur in different sectors such as banking, universities, health institutions, construction and biotechnology. At present, he is director of Banco Itaú, Clínica Indisa, Moller y Perez-Cotapos. Besides, he participates in the directories of the Universidad Andrés Bello, Universidad Las Américas, Universidad Viña del Mar and Instituto Profesional AIEP.

Pablo Valenzuela
Ph.D., Northwestern University

Scientist and leading entrepreneur in the United States and Chile. He has contributed in the development of several biomedical products with global impact. He was co-founder and R&D VP at Chiron Corporation, pioneer company in the US biotechnology industry. He has been responsible for the development of several biotechnological products for the pharmaceutical industry with annual revenues of around US$ 8 billions, as well as inventor of more tan 50 patents. He is founder of “Science and Life Foundation” and he was granted with the National Award of Applied Science in the year 2002.