Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic company with international reach


Algenis is a biotechnology company dedicated to the production, formulation and clinical development of bioactive molecules produced by marine microalgae, which have medical uses as muscle relaxants and analgesia. These molecules are characterized by being small having a reversible action.

The company seeks to market its products through licenses to third parties or associations that allow it to carry out a joint development.

Algenis (former Phytotox) was founded in 2002 with the objective of being leaders in the research of small molecules from microalgae. The cost of southern Chile is a rich region in a numerous forms of marine algae and, therefore, is the perfect spot to develop this work. The company has focused its research on developing innovative applications and pharmaceutical markets niches based on the use of paralyzing shellfish toxins (PST). Algenis throughout its history has been financed by private investors and venture capitals, as well as public funds by the Corporation for the Production Promotion (CORFO, for its acronym in Spanish).

This company strongly believes that collaboration with other pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies is one of the keys to the development of innovative science and its fundamental part of its business strategy.